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Okay, where were we? Oh, yeah, dollar store finds.

You know how the ‘ol saying goes: You get what you pay for.

And while that certainly rings true—at least in some instances—the flip side of the coin is that it is indeed possible to find real bargains on good, quality items. We see it all the time: Visit a department store the day after Halloween or Christmas and you’ll find slashed prices on a plethora of goods and décor…the very same goods and décor that were marked up three times as much before the holidays.

But there is one place to find deals everyday: dollar stores.

In fact, there are three main stores that are commonly referred to as the dollar store—and they all sell discounted items. But there are subtle differences between each of these retailers:

Dollar Tree: Every single item costs $1 or less.
Family Dollar: Cost of items range from less than $1 to $10.
Dollar General: Most items cost less than $10, but there are still plenty of items that cost $1 or less.

You may even want to shop at all three—because if you can’t find something for $1, less than $10 is still a pretty good deal.

The following list is comprised of items from Dollar Tree that cost only $1 each…

  1. Gift bags
    Paying five bucks (or more; ouch!) for a gift bag is for the birds. Save big during holidays and birthdays by purchasing these at the dollar store, every single bag is only $1. And Dollar Tree also sells sets of three mini gift bags also for $1.
  2. Greeting Cards
    When you start buying your greeting cards at the dollar store, there is no turning back. The selection is quite impressive, and nowadays, you can find Hallmark and other brand names for even less than a dollar: some greeting cards at the dollar store fall into the two-for-a-dollar category.
  3. Seasonal décor
    From wall hangings to themed garland, it all costs $1. And don’t think for a second that all dollar tree décor looks cheap…it doesn’t. To the contrary, you may just find that special something that you can’t find anywhere else.
  4. Reading glasses
    Every pair is only $1. Yes…reading glasses…for a buck. And considering how easy it is for us to misplace a pair, you can certainly spring for two or three pairs (to keep in your desk, purse, or car)—just in case.
  5. Hair accessories
    Two words: rubber bands. Nothing grows legs and disappears faster than a rubber band when you need one. Stock up at the dollar store, and you’ll never be without one again.
  6. Tableware Mugs and glasses
    Now this is where shopping gets really fun. From wine glasses to cute coffee mugs, you’ll find ‘em all for a buck. Why, you could easily buy enough stemware for a special occasion. And here’s the kicker: Your guests won’t even know that the glasses they’re drinking out of cost less than the jumbo pack of paper towels in your closet.
  7. Boxed Candy
    Perfect for quaint gestures and stocking stuffers, you’re likely to find the perfect box of candy at the dollar store. Pssst: Last year, Dollar Tree sold $1 bags of individually wrapped Godiva chocolates during the holidays. Just sayin’.


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