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Dear Ray,

This letter is an evaluation of services provided by you, and the three-man crew assigned to paint the exterior of our home in Wayne.

We weren’t fortunate to personally know any painters when we were finally able to have our home painted (after over 33 years of living and raising our family there) so scoured the internet, including Angie’s List, to find reviews – hoping to find a reputable and skilled company to do the job for us. 

Once we narrowed down our search, calls were placed to schedule meetings. You answered our call promptly and an appointment was made for your to look at our home and discuss everything with us (even before some of the other paint companies even responded to our call).

We entered into this meeting guarded, cautious, and even somewhat fearful, after multiple experiences, with different types of contractors throughout the years, demonstrated poor work ethics, substandard quality, no reliability, and who’s professionalism left much to be desired! These past experiences were nightmares and extremely costly ones! You were very friendly and easy to talk with. Your relaxed, yet interesting demeanor, set the stage for open discussions about our past experiences and subsequent apprehension. You were very informative and allowed all of our questions to be answered at length! It was obvious that you were extremely knowledgeable and would not do anything that would tarnish a business you spent a lifetime building! 

We truly appreciated your honesty about everything – especially the timeline and all the factors that could potentially cause delays. Once the estimate was given and a contract was signed, we were excited to meet the crew you assured us would transform our home in a very positive way.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate as well as we had hoped however, you had been honest and upfront about that so we were prepared and understood. Finally, the day arrived, and our job was underway! Our painting team consisted of the lead painter, Jerry, and his two crew members, Sebastian and Alex. I now call them my painting ‘dream team’ because they have been a true breath of fresh air! They not only ‘talk the talk’ but they ‘walk the walk’! 

They have been friendly, extremely hard working, professional, knowledgable, attentive to our desires and have been exceptional about communicating with us about everything – every step of the way!

This team has gone above and beyond and all of their efforts and skill have been appreciated greatly! On the second day, I told Jerry that I was nervous because everything had been going so well! This was totally unlike our past experiences so I was afraid things would begin to go wrong. 

Well, that has not been the case! We remain very happy with this experience and the beautiful transformation of our home! We have already made several referrals to both family and friends, some of who are already receiving quotes!

Please accept our sincere gratitude for a job very well done and remind Jerry, Sebastian, and Alex of how deeply we appreciate all of their exceptional and extremely hard work!!!

Thank you so very much,
Nora & Dennis Cecil

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