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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Livonia, MI

One of a few major home cost-saving decisions you can make is painting your kitchen cabinets rather than buying new

Whether your cabinets are 5 or 50 years old, any cabinet can be prepped and painted to look brand new. If you’re already pricing new cabinets for your Livonia Home, consider for a moment the quality of your current cabinets may be superior to those you may be pricing.

Point is, when prepared properly and a smooth Sherwin Williams paint finish applied, your cabinets will look better than those out of a box from a warehouse.

Still undecided? How about picking out some great looking stainless steel handles and accessories and then banking the money you saved?

My motive here is to simply offer you more options to creating the look you want in your Livonia Home. Should you decide to paint your cabinets, I welcome the opportunity to offer any assistance toward creating the look you have in mind.

My painting work provides a crisp, clean, professional finish which I’m certain you will enjoy.

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