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Interior Painting Costs Northville MI

Interior Painting Costs Northville, Michigan

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Finding the total amount to paint an area in your home is relatively easy:

  • 1. You will need to know square footage to know how much paint to purchase. Each can of paint will state how much square footage it will cover. An easy example of finding the square footage of an area you want to paint is using an accent wall or a wall you want to paint a certain color. If that wall is 8′ by 10′, simply multiply 8′ times 10′, which equals 80 square feet. To add additional walls or areas you also wish to paint, just repeat the multiplication of height times width and add each area to the total square footage. Finally, if you plan on two coats of paint, double the total square footage.

  • 2. Before you go to your local Northville hardware or paint store to buy paint, take inventory of the painting supplies you have and list the ones you’ll need. Drop clothes or tarps, painters tape, brushes, rollers, paint trays and a ladder. It’s also nice to have a light-weight spackling to fill nail holes along with sand paper to smooth any rough spots or uneven surfaces before painting.

  • 3. Now that you have a list of painting items, and know the total square footage of the areas you want to paint, you could simply go to your local Northville hardware or paint store’s website and gather prices, but to get an accurate cost for paint, it would be best to drive to the store and ask an associate what type of paint and finish to use on the surface you want to paint. The associate will probably ask why type of material you are painting, and what type of paint, if any, is currently on the areas you want to paint. These are important questions because you’ll need more paint to cover rough, textured, or wood surfaces. More importantly, if the areas you want to paint already have paint on them, the new paint needs to be compatible with the old paint.

The average gallon of paint will cover 300 square feet and currently in the Northville Michigan area ranges anywhere from $19 to $39 per gallon. Remember to buy additional gallons of paint for each coat of paint needed.

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