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Applying exterior paint is relatively quick and easy – you could even say painting is fun, and I would agree. Just remember to do a good job preparing your home for painting or you may need to re-paint more often than you’d like.

The key to keeping all those gallons of fresh paint on your home is preparation. Exterior paint preparation is as simple as painting, just a bit more time-consuming.

Exterior Painting – Preparing to Paint

All that’s needed is a clean, dry, uniform surface. If preparing to paint a flat exterior surface, sand it smooth, if textured, use a wire brush to remove loose material. If you expect to have a lot of loose material, protect landscaping and other exterior items with tarps – makes cleanup easier as well.

Once all loose material is gone:

Remove window screens, storm doors, and storm windows. Clean any areas of mildew with mildew cleaner, or bleach & water mix. Power wash your home’s exterior with a low-pressure wide spray nozzle. After all exterior surfaces have thoroughly dried, caulk all gaps around windows, doors, etc. Now, the painting can begin.

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