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Room Painting Redford MI

Room Painting Redford, Michigan

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Painting a room often involves a shared wall or accent wall where two different colors meet. A seamless transition from one paint color to another really makes the finished room look great, and is something I’m proud to offer – the straightest paint lines in the industry.

If you have Redford Room Painting plans in mind, I look forward to working with you. My room painting process is simple but thorough:

  • 1. Cover all floors and furniture, remove pictures and decor.

  • 2. Patch all wall surfaces, and sand them smooth.

  • 3. Re-nail all loose trim then apply new caulking.

  • 4. Prime and apply light coat of finish paint to all patches – prevents flashing.

  • 5. Sand all walls completely.

  • 6. Apply 1st coat of finish paint.

  • 7. Sand all walls a second time.

  • 8. Apply second coat of finish paint.

  • 9. Lightly sand all trim and apply 2 coats of trim paint.

This simple room painting process will results in a professional uniform finish you’ll enjoy for years to come

If you’re looking for a Redford Area Painter to paint a room, or your entire home, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. As always, my goal is simply to provide you with quality painting that exceeds your expectations.

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