Vinyl Siding Painting

Vinyl Siding Painting in Livonia

Your vinyl siding can look better than new – just prepare it properly and apply one or two coats of the latest vinyl siding paint.

Better than new?

Well, if you always wanted a slightly different color than the standard gray, blue, brown, or yellow, with vinyl siding paint, you can choose your own color!

Recreate the look of new vinyl siding.

It’s one of the most cost effective ways to add value to your Livonia Home – and you’ll enjoy the fresh new look.

Won’t the paint peel off in a few years time?

The only reason the paint will peel is if the vinyl siding was not prepared properly or the wrong type of paint was applied. With proper preparation and paint, there’s no peeling.

Is painting your vinyl siding cost effective?

Painting your vinyl siding is much more cost effective than buying new siding. And you’ll have the freedom to mix a color to match your needs.

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“The new paint looked so nice I had second thoughts of selling my home.”

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